X-Force Alarm Information Management System

X-Force Alarm Information Management System (X-Force AIMS) is complete alarm, messages, event and report handling package. It provides complete solution for alarm management and user collaboration over various messaging system. Its in-depth and straight forward analysis reports makes problem analysis a simple task.

Features of X-Force AIMS


  • It replaces Alarm and Log Report Printer by PC based system.
  • Present only logical alarm information to the plant operator in case of unit start-up and upset condition.
  • It records Alarms, Reports, Events, Warnings and all messages printed on printer.
  • It stores data in Relational database server either MS-SQL Server or Oracle Database.
  • It provides ODBC connectivity.
  • It can be installed on windows based operating system; X-FORCE AIMP co-exists with other applications that will run simultaneously on same computer.
  • It can be configured to capture reports like shift report, day report etc and it is integrated to save as file on local or network computer or send by mail.
  • By-Pass Mode - It is capable to bypass Alarm Server to print screen capture directly to printer connected on parallel or serial port of PC.
  • It holds unlimited alarms only restricted by Hard Disk space available.
  • It displays all alarms from all nodes on same window.
  • On Line Mode - It is capable of showing mimic of the actual alarm window of SCADA or DCS on network client with all the colors and functionalities.
  • Network Viewing - Alarms for last predefined period can be viewed from any network place, which is updated automatically at specified time interval.
  • It is capable to separate various fields like tag name, alarm type, alarm status, event type, source of alarm, area, value, limit, priority, operator and so on.


  • It can be connected in place of serial, parallel or network printer to capture alarms. It can be configured to get data from TCP/IP,ODBC,OPC-DA or OPC-AE connectivity if required.
  • It is capable of handling minimum 8 Alarm Generator Device (DCS, PLC or SCADA).

Mail Support

  • It supports Standard mail types like Lotus Notes, Outlook or Internet (SMTP) to send Reports captured.
  • It can send an email message so as to alert all concerned plant personnel and officials in case of any problem as per plant operating philosophy.

Third Party Integration

  • It supports ActiveX object model and it can be integrated with any ActiveX container program like Internet explorer, Visual Basic etc.


  • It can take backup automatically at predefined interval to DAT Drive or CD RW or other network location. Old data can be configured to purge after taking backup.
  • Archived data is available for view and analyze from backup media without restoring to server's hard disk.
  • Archived data can be restored in same or another server.


  • It is network enabled, so it can be used over a LAN securely, anywhere within campus.
  • It can send list of alarms as attachment in email system, on demand or at pre-configured time and filters.

Sorting and Filtering

  • Alarms can be filtered by Date and Time, Source device of alarm, Type of Alarms, Status of Alarm, Tag name / Data point / Loop Name, Group or Area to focus analysis on particular aspects of system.
  • Custom Query Builder-Alarm Management Package provides custom query which can be build using point and click user interface. No SQL knowledge is required to build complex query.
  • It provides Fields selection to be displayed on screen.
  • Sort Order-Alarms can be sorted by any fields Ascending / Descending.

Analysis and Reports

  • a) Information Analysis
    • Frequency Analysis-Frequency analysis can be configured for various options like filter on various fields of alarms, order of information displayed and no. of columns to be showed in report.
    • Summary Report-Summary report is available in graphical representation of over all system to show how many alarms of which category occurred during selected filtering option like duration or area or Tag name.
    • Duration Analysis-Duration Analysis shows the time, average, max and minimum time between alarms generated for each Tag name.
  • b) Expert Alarming
    • The package generates/computes alarms based on a logical combination of states, conditions and events and carry out statistical analysis as the alarm data gathered and perform.
    • Real-time frequency analysis - User can select the required tag and conditions to be monitored. Screen is updated dynamically to reflect the current frequency of particular tag's alarm with discrimination in types of alarms like HI, HIHI, LO, LOLO.
    • Alarm frequency breakup-User can select the required tags and conditions to be monitored for frequency break-up. Screen is showing selected tags list with occurrence time. Screen updates on particular interval to reflect new alarms.
    • Alarm frequency monitoring-It can be configured to generate an internal alarm if a certain message occurs too many or too few times within defined time duration.
    • Standing alarms-User can view tag list that is currently in alarm condition and waiting for return. Screen is being updated dynamically to reflect the current alarm and removed from the screen on return of particular alarm.
    • Time elapsed between two alarms/events - User can select two different messages from wide range of messages for getting time difference between these alarms.
    • Historical Analysis - Alarm Management Package provides the facility to view all the alarms stored in past by just selecting date time range from the menu.
    • Chattering Alarms - Alarm Management Package provides the report to detect chattering alarms.
    • Duplicated Alarms - Alarm Management Package provides the report to find out duplicate alarms within pre-defined period.
  • c) Reports
    • All Reports is configurable and configuration option like generation of report at specified time, filters, mailing option and printing option are available.

Data Export

  • Alarms can be saved to any industry standard format like formatted Text File, Comma Separated Variables (CSV) or Microsoft Access Database.


  • Sound module plays pre recorded voice on occurrence of critical message or it can be configured to provide digital speech (in digital artificial voice) for specified alarms identified by Tag name, alarm type or some special text appear in alarm like 'trip' or 'pump stop'.

Log data

  • All log reports are captured and stored on server. It can be send as excel file to different clients.

Trend data

  • All important tags up to 50 nos. can be captured from schedule reports. Trends are generated based on this data.

Computed Alarm

  • Presents logical alarm information to the plant operator in case of unit start-up and upset condition.
  • Process events to access the normal or emergency situation and inform plant operator the probable reason, make recommendations as the action to be taken and provide operational alternatives.
  • Maintenance preset rules: All defined tags can be monitored for no. of events or In / Out of alarm timing to generate the maintenance requirement alarm for particular equipment based on preset rules.

Voice and SMS notification

  • It alerts all concerned plant personnel and officials in case of any problem. Notification can be generated in form of SMS or voice message.

Emergency Hooters

  • In case of an emergency condition emergency hooters can be initiated along with audio messages on the public address system.


  • It prints alarm as and when required, in user defined formats. These formats can be defined during engineering.


  • SSM is now MDT Software Distributor
  • SSM Infotech bagged an Alarm Management Project for ADANI
  • SSM Infotech bagged an Alarm Management Project for KCM Zambia
  • SSM Infotech Executed Management Information System(MIS) Project for Lanco
  • SSM Infotech bagged GPS Project for Reliance from M/S Yokogawa.
  • SSM Infotech executed GAIL USAR Alarm Management Project.
  • SSM Infotech bagged an Alarm Management Project for ONGC Uran.
  • SSM Infotech bagged an Energy Management Project from Ultratech.
  • SSM Infotech Executed NTPC Alarm Management, Historian, LVS Project for Invensys
  • SSM Infotech bagged an Alarm Management Project for HPCL Vizag.
  • SSM Infotech bagged GPS Project for Lanco from M/S Emerson.
  • SSM Infotech executed Enterprise Alarm Management Project at Reliance.
  • SSM Infotech bagged an Alarm Management Project for IOCL Barouni.
  • SSM Infotech bagged an Energy Management Project from Welspun.
  • SSM Infotech bagged an Alarm Management Project for OPAL from M/S Honeywell.

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